• About

    The Fury Futbol Club is more than just playing soccer; it’s a volunteer organization whose sole purpose is to build a team out of its members.

Our Vision

Whether you’re new to soccer or an experienced soccer veteran, we all have an idea of what we think soccer along the Lakeshore should be.

What if the entire Lakeshore was unified in providing our youth with the best soccer experience possible?

What if, regardless of skill or experience, there was a place where your child could play just to have fun or be in a competitive league?  A place for every child to be in an environment focused on their success in soccer and life?

Fury FC is that organization!

Yes, we are a club with the purpose of providing a great learning and competitive soccer environment for our youth, regardless of age or experience.

We are that and so much more. At the center of our Mission is our focus on ALL the youth in West Michigan.

We started the #UnifyTheLakeshore movement.

We have the leadership team in place. We have the support team in place, and we have the resources to do just that.

No longer does it make sense to continue to be separate or territorial organizations and clubs.

It’s time, as an entire community, to join together with common goals and values for the betterment of all youth through soccer in West Michigan.

It’s time to lead from the front, not watch from behind.

We are reaching out across West Michigan to Unify the Lakeshore, and together we will!

Join the #UnifyTheLakeshore movement and make a difference in the lives of all the families in West Michigan!

Our Mission

The Fury Futbol Club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a positive learning environment that allows the physical and mental growth and development of ALL of West Michigan’s youth through the game of soccer.

We are associated with the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association in Plymouth, MI through the Great Lakes Coed Soccer League located right here in West Michigan, for our recreation program. Basic decisions about club direction and policies are made by a volunteer board of directors.

We look forward to being a part of your soccer development. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

There’s a FURY of excitement as our club launches into a new and redefining season with more opportunities and even higher levels of development for every player! Our exclusive agreement with Heart Soccer Academy ensures that every player will receive specialized, cutting-edge training. Plus, Brent Kowalski, founder of the Heart Soccer Academy, has come on board as our Director of Coaching and Player Development.

  • Professional training through
    licensed coaching staff
  • Premium facilities for
    training and games
  • ALL Athletes and coaches
    receive weekly Heart Soccer
    Academy training
  • Higher expectations for
    developing soccer athletes